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► Air Impact Wrench - Honda Civic
► Bolt and Nut Torque Specifications
► Boot and Front Axle Replacement
► Changing the Engine Oil - Honda Civic
► Changing the Timing Belt - Honda Civic
► Changing the Water Pump - Honda Civic
► Engine Coolant Temp Sensor - Honda
► Fuse and Relay Box - Honda Civic
► General Maintenance Schedule
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► Repairing the Brake Rotor Disc
► Repairing the Distributor - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Front Hub Bearing
► Repairing the Fuel Filter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the PCV Valve - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Radiator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Speed Sensor - Honda
► Repairing the Starter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Thermostat - Honda Civic
► Replacing Exhaust Pipe Gasket
► Replacing Front Rear Shocks - Honda
► Replacing the CYP Sensor - Honda
► Replacing the Fuel Pump - Honda Civic
► Replacing the Oxygen Sensor - Honda
► Saving Gas - Honda Civic
► Stolen Car and Kill Switches - Honda
► Trouble Codes (MIL / CEL) - Honda Civic
► Washing Machine Repair - Bad Motor


Engine Oil ChangeBrake Pad ReplacementBrake Disc Replacement
Axle ReplacementHead Light Bulb ReplacementSide Door Window Replacement
Alternator ReplacementBattery ReplacementTransmission Clutch Replacement
Front Hub Bearing ReplacementStarter ReplacementFuel Filter Replacement

General Maintenance Schedule

Under normal conditions the handbook suggests the following should be performed:

Check tires inflation, every month

Replace Engine Oil, every 7,500 miles

Rotate tires, every 7,500

Replace Engine Oil Filter, every 15,000 miles

Inspect front/rear brakes, every 15,000

My Oil Pressure light on the dashboard came on the other day which caused my whole engine to stall. Fortunately, I managed to restart it again; learned my lesson so now I do my Engine Oil change more often around 4000 miles or so.

Some of the other items that need to be checked not as frequent include:

Replace Air cleaner element, every 30,000
Replace Spark plugs, every 30,000
Replace engine coolant, every 45,000
Replace transmission fluid, every 90,000
Replace Timing belt and Water pump, every 100,000

Here are some items not mentioned but personally recommend:

Inspect/Replace Battery/Alternator Charge, every 30,000

  • A faulty Alternator can prevent your car from running especially if your battery runs out of charge.

Inspect/Clean Idle Air Control Valve, every 30,000

  • A dirty Idle Air Control valve can prevent your car from getting clean air during idle causing rough engine idle.

Inspect/Replace Radiator Cap, every 30,000

  • A worn out Radiator Cap can allow coolant steam to leak eventually damaging your car's cooling system.

Inspect/Replace Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valve, every 60,000

  • Pinch the PCV valve hose and listen for a click. If you don't hear a click, replace the valve. Or during an oil filter change, remove the PCV valve and inspect for clogging and replace if necessary.

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