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Inspecting the Idle Air Control Valve - P0505

While driving along the road, my Check Engine Light (CEL) indicator came on. Fortunately, I still had the ability to drive despite irregular intermittent idle fluctuations.

But after returning home and reading the Engine Light code, it came up with P0505 indicating a problem with the Idle Air Control Valve. This is the first time I got this error code, so this will be interesting.

After removing the bolts that hold the IAC valve located on the rear side of the engine, I inspected the screen and the other opening. I couldn't see anything obvious but I still sprayed Engine Cleaner to remove any debris that might have accumulated around the valve.

Idle Air Control Valve

Then I started the engine, cleared the Check Engine Light Code (used Smartphone and Bluetooth CEL reader), and revved the accelerator a few times. The RPM gauge still seemed to struggle to stabilize after releasing the accelerator.

So next, I decided to remove the air filter cover and vacuumed the debris, dirt, and sand that accumulated in and around the filter box and the air filter.

After starting the engine, the RPM gauge showed better improvement. If I don't append any updates to this journal, then it's fair to assume that I've resolved the P0505 Error Code....

Of course until the same error code haunts me again and forces me to buy an Idle Air Control Valve replacement. We'll just have to wait and see.

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