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► Air Impact Wrench - Honda Civic
► Bolt and Nut Torque Specifications
► Boot and Front Axle Replacement
► Changing the Engine Oil - Honda Civic
► Changing the Timing Belt - Honda Civic
► Changing the Water Pump - Honda Civic
► Engine Coolant Temp Sensor - Honda
► Fuse and Relay Box - Honda Civic
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► Repairing the Brake Rotor Disc
► Repairing the Distributor - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Front Hub Bearing
► Repairing the Fuel Filter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the PCV Valve - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Radiator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Speed Sensor - Honda
► Repairing the Starter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Thermostat - Honda Civic
► Replacing Exhaust Pipe Gasket
► Replacing Front Rear Shocks - Honda
► Replacing the CYP Sensor - Honda
► Replacing the Fuel Pump - Honda Civic
► Replacing the Oxygen Sensor - Honda
► Saving Gas - Honda Civic
► Stolen Car and Kill Switches - Honda
► Trouble Codes (MIL / CEL) - Honda Civic
► Washing Machine Repair - Bad Motor


Engine Oil ChangeBrake Pad ReplacementBrake Disc Replacement
Axle ReplacementHead Light Bulb ReplacementSide Door Window Replacement
Alternator ReplacementBattery ReplacementTransmission Clutch Replacement
Front Hub Bearing ReplacementStarter ReplacementFuel Filter Replacement

Fuse and Relay Box - Honda Civic

Fuses are sometimes located in either the box under the hood or underneath the dashboard on the driver's side. Here's a list of my fuses categorized by the type of fuse or relay it will help operate along with it's amperage and location.

10 aright headlight high beaminterior fuse box
10 aleft headlight high beaminterior fuse box
7.5 aturn signal lightsinterior fuse box
7.5 aback-up lightsinterior fuse box
10 aright headlight low beaminterior fuse box
10 aleft headlight low beaminterior fuse box
7.5 ainstrument lightsinterior fuse box
7.5 alicense plate lights, taillightsinterior fuse box
30 aheadlight, small lightunder-hood fuse box
7.5 ainterior lightunder-hood fuse box
15 ahorn, stop lightunder-hood fuse box
10 ahazard lightsunder-hood fuse box

Car Start
15 aignition coilinterior fuse box
15 afuel pump (srs unit)interior fuse box
7.5 astarter signalinterior fuse box
7.5 aalternator, sp sensorinterior fuse box
20 acooling fanunder-hood fuse box
80 abatteryunder-hood fuse box
40 aignition 1under-hood fuse box
15 aFI E/M (ECM/PCM)under-hood fuse box

Windows & Doors
20 afront right power windowinterior fuse box
20 afront left power windowinterior fuse box
7.5 apower window relay, moonroof relayinterior fuse box
7.5 arear defroster relayinterior fuse box
20 afront wiper, front washerinterior fuse box
40 apower windowunder-hood fuse box
30 arear defrosterunder-hood fuse box
7.5 ainter lock unitinterior fuse box
20 adoor lock unit, moonroofunder-hood fuse box

7.5 acruise control, keylessinterior fuse box
7.5 aheater, air conditioning relayinterior fuse box
40 aheater motorunder-hood fuse box
10 asrsinterior fuse box
7.5 ameterinterior fuse box
10 aaccessory socketinterior fuse box
10 aradio, clockinterior fuse box
7.5 aback up, radiounder-hood fuse box
20 amagnetic clutch (A/C), condenser fan (A/C)under-hood fuse box

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