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Engine Oil ChangeBrake Pad ReplacementBrake Disc Replacement
Axle ReplacementHead Light Bulb ReplacementSide Door Window Replacement
Alternator ReplacementBattery ReplacementTransmission Clutch Replacement
Front Hub Bearing ReplacementStarter ReplacementFuel Filter Replacement

Repairing the Brake Rotor Disc

Replacing the brake rotor disc never crossed my mind only after I began to experience an increasingly slight rattling of the steering wheel each time I hit the brakes while moving 40 mph. Initially I thought it was the brake pads. So I decided to replace them to see if it would resolve the problem. After changing them with a new pair of brakes, I took the car out for a spin to test if the rattling of the steering wheel went away. Unfortunately, it did no good.

I read somewhere that the Rotor Brake Disc may be the cause as it may have become warped. So I decided to buy new Rotor Brakes and replaced them for repairs.

After replacing, the steering wheel stopped shaking when I pressed on the brakes. Success.

Here's what I did to get the brake rotors replaced:

Similar to the steps in replacing the brake pads, I prepared the following:

* A wire to tie the brake caliper from falling.

1. Loosened the lug nuts for the wheel
(didn't remove)
2. Lifted the front end of the car until the wheel was off the ground. Used a jack and jackstands to secure the car. Placed a block of wood behind the rear wheels for added security.
3. Removed the lug nuts (19mm) from the wheel and removed the wheel.
4. Removed the caliper bolts (12mm)
5. Removed the brake caliper
6. Tied one end of the wire around the brake caliper and raised the wire so it could support the caliper from falling. Tied the other end of the wire above near the shock springs securely.
7. Removed the old outer and inner brake pads.
8. Removed the brake caliper mount bolts (17mm).

Removed caliper mount

9. Removed the screws holding the old brake rotor disc. Used a rubber mallot for stubborn brake rotor discs.

Old brake rotor disc

10. Installed the new brake rotor disc.

New brake rotor disc

11. Returned the screws holding the old brake rotor disc.
12. Installed the brake caliper mount and secured the bolts (80 lbs.ft).
13. Reinstalled the brake pads unto the caliper mount.
14. Removed the wire support
15. Returned the caliper over the new brakes and secured with caliper bolts (20 lbs.ft). Remembered not to overtighten the caliper bolts or the bolt head may snap off.

New brake rotor disc with caliper reinstalled

16. Returned the wheel and secured with lug nuts (80 lbs.ft).
17. Lowered the car back down.

Rotor Disc Brake ReplacementCost (2007)
Autoshop (Parts & Labor)$
Do It Myself (Parts)$

Saved$ (%)

Rotor Disc Brake ReplacementCost (2012)
Autoshop (Parts & Labor)$
Do It Myself (Parts)$

Saved$ (%)

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