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► Air Impact Wrench - Honda Civic
► Bolt and Nut Torque Specifications
► Boot and Front Axle Replacement
► Changing the Engine Oil - Honda Civic
► Changing the Timing Belt - Honda Civic
► Changing the Water Pump - Honda Civic
► Engine Coolant Temp Sensor - Honda
► Fuse and Relay Box - Honda Civic
► General Maintenance Schedule
► Inspecting the Idle Air Control Valve - P0505
► Jerky steering wheel Fix - Honda Civic
► Jump start your car battery - Honda Civic
► Learn to drive stick shift - Honda Civic
► Pass Smog Check - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Alternator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Brake Pads - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Brake Rotor Disc
► Repairing the Distributor - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Front Hub Bearing
► Repairing the Fuel Filter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the PCV Valve - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Radiator - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Speed Sensor - Honda
► Repairing the Starter - Honda Civic
► Repairing the Thermostat - Honda Civic
► Replacing Exhaust Pipe Gasket
► Replacing Front Rear Shocks - Honda
► Replacing the CYP Sensor - Honda
► Replacing the Fuel Pump - Honda Civic
► Replacing the Oxygen Sensor - Honda
► Saving Gas - Honda Civic
► Stolen Car and Kill Switches - Honda
► Trouble Codes (MIL / CEL) - Honda Civic
► Washing Machine Repair - Bad Motor


Engine Oil ChangeBrake Pad ReplacementBrake Disc Replacement
Axle ReplacementHead Light Bulb ReplacementSide Door Window Replacement
Alternator ReplacementBattery ReplacementTransmission Clutch Replacement
Front Hub Bearing ReplacementStarter ReplacementFuel Filter Replacement

Bolt and Nut Torque Specifications

After over-tightening one of the bolts for the brake caliper, the bolt head came right off and I quickly learned how important it was to pay attention to torque specifications.

Here's a list of bolts and nuts and their torque specifications for quick reference:

descriptionsize (mm)torque (lbs.ft)torque (lbs.inch)typecountsocket
battery terminals10896nut2medium
valve cover10896bolt5medium
upper timing belt cover10896bolt2medium
lower timing belt cover10896bolt6medium
idle air control valve1217204bolt2medium
distributor mount bolts1217204bolt2medium
alternator adjust bolt1217204bolt1short
starter cable nut1217204nut1medium
power steering adjust bolt1217204bolt2medium
power steering pump bracket1433396bolt4medium
starter mount bolt1433396bolt1medium
belt tensioner1433396bolt1medium
engine oil drain plug1725300bolt1medium
fuel filter bolt (banjo)1725300bolt1medium
crankshaft pulley bolt1783996bolt1medium
wheel lug nuts1980960nut4medium

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